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Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine AD982, AD983

Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine AD982, AD983

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Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine AD982, AD983

Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine AD982, AD983 
Semi automatic glue dispensing machine 
Complete solution for Dispensing machine
with accessories

  • with foot pedal switch
  • with hand operate switch
  • With multiple dispensing needles

Technical Parameters
Power supply: AC 220V ± 10% / 50HZ
Power consumption: <8w
Air source: up to 0.99MPA (clean, dry, non-lubricated air)
Discharge pressure adjustment range: 0.05MPa-0.7MPa
Outstanding time adjustment range: 0.01S-30S, adjustable DIP switch combination, available to a variety of time mode.
Function mode: manual mode adjustable negative pressure control to 600 mm Hg repetition accuracy and spit frequency
Accuracy: ± 0.05% Frequency: 600 beats / min
The minimum spit volume: 0.01ml
Dimensions: 235mm * 225mm * 63mm
Weight 2.9KG
JND-983A Glue Machine Features
Dial the code control out of the quantity of cement and time interval between, digital shows dispensing quantity, the be clear at a glance.
The constant flow control valve CV 0.18 electromagnetic Indicator light switch Can adjust the town for up to 15 inches air suction/mercury (Hg)
Exquisite pedal switch Could purchase all kinds of spare parts.
Send accessories:12 needle, needle tube 3, Transfer block 1, Bracket 1, 1 manual switch, 1 foot switch, power cord 1.
Technical Parameters
Power supply: 220V 10%/50Hz + AC 110V 10%/60Hz + AC (internal conversion)
Power consumption:12W
Air source: maximum 0.99MPa (clean dry air)
Spit pressure regulation range: 0.05MPa--0.99MPa
Function mode: manual mode and 16 kinds of free setting mode
Spit time adjustment: automatic timing spit out 9.999S 0.01S-99.99S/0.001S- two group
Spit time display: four LED display, can be free to fine tune the amount of spit
Time regulation: 0.1-9.9S
Vacuum back suction function: adjustable negative pressure control to 600 mm Hg
Repeat accuracy and frequency of spit: accuracy: +0.01% frequency: >800/min
Minimum spit amount: 0.0001ml
Dimension: 235mmx225mmx63mm
Weight: 3kg Volume Weight: 7KG

Glue Dispensing Needle

Glue Dispensing Needle 14G
Glue Dispensing Needle 15G
Glue Dispensing Needle 16G
Glue Dispensing Needle 18G
Glue Dispensing Needle 19G
Glue Dispensing Needle 20G
Glue Dispensing Needle 21G
Glue Dispensing Needle 22G
Glue Dispensing Needle 23G
Glue Dispensing Needle 25G
Glue Dispensing Needle 27G
Glue Dispensing Needle 30G
Glue Dispensing Needle 32G
Glue Dispensing Needle 34G
Glue Dispensing Brush
Glue Dispensing Brush TT 14G
Glue Dispensing Brush TT 15G
Glue Dispensing Brush TT 16G
Glue Dispensing Brush TT 17G
Glue Dispensing Brush TT 18G
Glue Dispensing Brush TT 19G
Glue Dispensing Brush TT 20G
Glue Dispensing Brush TT 21G
Glue Dispensing Brush TT 22G
Glue Dispensing Brush TT 23G
Glue Dispensing Brush TT 24G
Glue Dispensing Brush TT 25G
Glue Dispensing Brush TT 26G
Glue Dispensing Brush TT 27G
Glue Dispensing Brush TT 30G
Glue Dispensing Brush TT 32G
Glue Dispensing Brush TT 34G
Plastic Syringe Barrel With Piston
Manual Glue Dispensing gun
Manual Glue dispensing gun 30CC Set1
Manual Glue dispensing gun 30CC Set2
Manual Glue dispensing gun 30CC Set5
Manual Glue dispensing gun 30CC Set6
Plastic syringe barrel 3CC with piston
Plastic syringe barrel 5CC with piston
Plastic syringe barrel 10CC with piston
Plastic syringe barrel 30CC with piston
Plastic syringe barrel 55CC with piston

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