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Solenoid Valve VF3130 VF3230 VF5120 VF5220 Series

Solenoid Valve VF3130 VF3230 VF5120 VF5220 Series

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Call or Whatsapp +91-9354676493


Solenoid Valve VF3130 VF3230 VF5120 VF5220 Series

Solenoid Valve VF3130-3DZ1-02/VF3130-3DD1-02/VF3130-3DZD1-02/VF3130-5GD1-02/VF3130-5DZ1-02/VF3130-5DD1-02/VF3130-5DZD1-02/VF3230-5GD1-02/VF3230-5DZ1-02/VF3230-5DD1-02/VF3230-5DZD1-02/VF5120-5GD1-03/VF5120-5DZ1-03/VF5120-5DZD1-03/VF5120-5DD1-03/VF5220-5GD1-03/VF5220-5DZD1-03/VF5220-5DD1-03/VF5220-5DZ1-03/VF5120K-5DD1-03/VF3130K-5DZ1-02/VF3130K-5GD1-02/VF5120K-5GD1-03/VF5120K-5DZ1-03/VF3230K-5DZD1-02/VF3130K-5DZD1-02/VF3130K-5DD1-02/VF3130K-3DZ1-02 
 Series VF, a five port pilot solenoid valve, offers large flow capacity in a compact size. The VF is available in many variations including three types of manual override and four types of electrical entry. Common exhaust for main valve and pilot valve is also available.
5 port solenoid valve
Power consumption: 1.55W standard, 0.5W w/power saving circuit
Built-in full-wave rectifier (AC)
Body ported and base mounted styles

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