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Yamaha Smt Machine Sensor

Yamaha Smt Machine Sensor

Contact Seller :- Call or Whatsapp +91-9354676493 Email:

Call or Whatsapp +91-9354676493


Yamaha Smt Machine Sensor

Yamaha sensor pm-y44p kv5-m7114-b00 yamaha sensor palette org kv5-m1134-a01  kgt-m917p-00x kgb-m653f-a0x kga-m260a-00x sensor, org (l=300) 2 e2s y

kga-m260b-00x sensor, ot (l=300) e2s y
kgb-m653f-10x sensor,3 assy. 1 ee-sx872p r

yamaha yg200    washer kh1-m1396-00x
yamaha yg200    mg catch (tl-152-2) k44-m1354-00x
yamaha yg200    hinge assy kg2-m1370-00x
yamaha yg200    cover 15 kgt-m1315-00x
yamaha yg200    cover 14 kgt-m1314-00x
yamaha yg200    cover 13 kv7-m1313-00x
yamaha yg200    cover 12 kgt-m1312-00x
yamaha yg200    cover 11 kgt-m1311-00x
yamaha yg200    cover 10 kv7-m1310-02x
yamaha yg200    brush feeder kv7-m8880-00x
yamaha yg200    hook kga-m13b9-00x
yamaha yg200    blind bush kv8-m3759-00x
yamaha yg200    panel plug km0-m531g-00x
yamaha yg200    warning seal (2) 90k41-000230
yamaha yg200    warning seal (1) 90k41-000190
yamaha yg200    seal 2 (yamaha) kw7-m13d7-00x yamaha yg200    plug kv7-m1391-10x

yamaha yg200    cap patlight kv7-m1350-00x
yamaha yg200    mg catch: tl272-2 kj9-m1354-10x
yamaha yg200    bracket magnet kw8-m1386-00x
yamaha yg200    cover 29 l kgt-m1329-l0x
yamaha yg200    cover side 2 assy kgt-m130c-a0x
yamaha yg200    cover side 1 assy kgt-m130b-a0x
yamaha yg200    screw binding head 98904-04006
yamaha yg200    plate 2 key board kgt-m1382-00x
yamaha yg200    plate 1 key board kl3-m1381-02x yamaha yg200    plate 2 joint kgt-m1357-00x
yamaha yg200    plate 1 joint kgt-m1356-00x
yamaha yg200    hinge 2 k46-m1374-10x
yamaha yg200    bkt corner l front kv7-m1339-00x
yamaha yg200    bkt corner l front kv7-m1337-00x
yamaha yg200    bkt corner l back kgt-m1336-00x
yamaha yg200    bracket 1 gate cover km0-m1335-00x
yamaha yg200    cover 18 kga-m1318-00x
yamaha yg200    cover 17 kv7-m1317-01x
yamaha yg200    bolt: tp-m4x12 k16-90101-12x yamaha yg200    bolt: tp-m4x8 k16-90101-08x
yamaha yg200    bolt hex socket head 91317-05014
yamaha yg200    bolt hex socket head 91317-04010 yamaha yg200l smt part list
kgk-m4510-00x mother board assy 
kgn-m5840-02x servo board assy 
kgk-m4200-00x system unit assy 
kgk-m5810-11x driver board assy 
kgn-m5810-10x driver board assy 
kgj-m441h-02x vision board assy 
kgr-m4530-01x interface board assy 
kgn-m5880-00x d. Power board assy 
kgk-m4136-10x panel no vision 
kw3-m4256-00x cd-rom drive 
kgn-m4230-00x flash board assy 
kgk-m4255-00x flash disk 
kga-m5303-00x sw power dc5 
kgk-m5303-10x sw power dc12  
kga-m4185-10x fan motor assy  yamaha yv88x smt part list
kv1-m4110-00x box assy.
kv1-m4110-10x box assy
km5-m4510-20x mother board assy
km5-m5840-02x servo board assy
km5-m5840-04x servo board assy
km5-m4200-01x system unit assy.  
km5-m4200-02x system unit assy.  
km5-m4200-03x system unit assy.
kj0-m5810-l2x driver board assy.  
kj0-m5810-l3x driver board assy
kj0-m5810-k2x driver board assy.  
kj0-m5810-k3x driver board assy 
km5-m441h-02x vision board assy.  
km5-m441h-03x vision board assy 
km5-m5880-11x d. Power assy.  
kj0-m4134-10x panel no servo 
kj0-m4132-10x panel ,no driver 
km5-m4138-10x panel left

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